Instagram Post Ideas for Wedding Photographers

May 4, 2023

We get it – you’ve got the photos, but when you go to post them on Instagram, the cursor sits there blinking at you and your mind goes blank. Annoyingly, being a wedding photographer isn’t just about taking good photos, you also have to find clients! Social media is one of the biggest ways to do that, and posting consistently, with quality, engaging captions (emojis probably don’t count, sorry) will really boost your business. This guide will give you some Instagram post ideas for wedding photographers, for when you’re feeling stuck.

How Often Should Wedding Photographers Post on Instagram?

Instagram, and all social media platforms, like you to be posting pretty regularly. Ideally, wedding photographers should post Instagram stories a few times every day – story posts are much more relaxed, less curated, and can just be little glimpses into whatever you’re doing that day.

For feed posts, every 1-3 days is ideal, but quality is more important than quantity. If you’re a newer wedding photographer and you just don’t have enough photos to be posting every day, that’s okay! It’s better to post once a week every week than to post every day for a week then go crickets for a month. Consider what you’re able to do as well – if you know you won’t be able to keep up with making a post every single day, it’s better to set a realistic goal for yourself than to burn out and stop posting at all. Don’t post just to post, make sure you’re dropping good posts that potential clients will see and want to engage with.

Until recently, Instagram had been prioritising Reels a lot, but they’ve now U-turned on that, so to please the algorithm it’s best to do a little of both. Instagram also has the option to schedule posts now, which is amazing if you want to batch some content!

Instagram Post Ideas for Wedding Photographers

Now, let’s get into some inspiration! Here are some Instagram post ideas for wedding photographers, and some different types of posts that you can make. You can make Reels out of these ideas, or use them to write your captions!

Educational Instagram Posts

When you’re posting on Instagram, you should always be thinking from the perspective of your potential clients. As a wedding photographer, that means engaged couples! So, make posts that they’ll want to look at, like, comment on, and ones that will make them click on your profile and head to your website. A great example of this is educational posts – ones that provide value to them and teach them something that will be helpful as they start planning their wedding.

Here are a few educational Instagram post ideas for wedding photographers:

  • Why engagement photos are important
  • How to choose who to invite to your wedding
  • 5 amazing wedding venues in your area
  • Tips for including your dog in your wedding
  • Answer some frequently asked questions

These educational posts position you as an expert at what you do, so couples will be all like “they know what they’re doing!” and want to hire you for their day, knowing you’ve got the know-how to make it great.

Personal Instagram Posts

We know, we know – you’re more into being behind the camera. But the truth is that getting in front of the camera sometimes is a really important part of being a wedding photographer. Taking good photos is awesome, but there are a lot of people who do that. Clients want to connect with you, and the thing that will really make them fall in love with you is what makes you unique – your personality! So make sure to occasionally post about yourself, so that people know what you look like and what you’re all about.

Here are a few ideas for personal Instagram posts:

  • Why you became a wedding photographer
  • Some fun facts about you
  • How you take photos – what makes your photography style unique?

Getting a little more personal allows people to get to know you better, and because humans are social creatures, this will make you a lot more likely to get booked! Couples really do want a wedding photographer that they feel connected to, so get out your tripod and make sure you post about yourself sometimes!

Behind the Scenes

Give couples a glimpse of what their experience with you will look like by posting some BTS! This works especially well in video form, so it’s great for a reel. 

Here are a few ideas for BTS content:

  • If you have a second photographer or an assistant, have them take some phone videos of you during the wedding day, and put those into a video
  • Do a post about how you get ready to shoot a wedding 
  • Do a “what’s in my camera bag” post

Behind the scenes posts let people in a little bit about what your process is like, and what they can expect on their wedding day! It’s another great way to show some of your personality, and what makes you unique as a photographer.

Just-for-Fun Instagram Posts

At the end of the day, when people are scrolling through Instagram, it’s because they want to be entertained – so some of your posts can be fun, silly ones that just make people chuckle! This is a great way to show your personality too.

Here are some instagram post ideas for wedding photographers that are entertaining and fun:

  • A collection of the funniest wedding photos you’ve taken
  • Use a trending Reels audio to make a funny video about wedding photography
  • A compilation of unexpected things you’ve seen at weddings

Need More Instagram Post Ideas?

When you’re feeling stuck on a caption or need ideas for a reel, check out our Instagram idea generator! And if you want to take things to the next level, we have a membership program with courses, weekly Zoom mentorships, reviews and more. Sign up for the Kick Ass Photographers Membership if you want to take your business to the next level! We recently did a review of our members’ Instagram captions, and they’ve seriously upped their game since! Join us and watch the replay!


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