5 Ways to Make Money Today – for Free

Jan 7, 2024

Here are 5 things I’d do (all free) if my bank account was zero and needed money right now

The dog needs their food, the landlord wants their rent and Waitrose is gonna have to get downgraded to Tesco. What are you gonna do? You don’t want to get a job because you want to use your time and energy marketing your business, but it’s looking like the only option. Firstly, getting part time or temp work can be a great idea, as it gets you over the hump and lets you market your business without stress and desperation. So don’t rule it out! But I know it’s not easy or ideal, so here are a few ways you can get some cash in the bank without selling your soul.

  1. Email past couples and do a January special on albums – make it a really good deal. Find a cheaper album option too, so it looks like a great deal to your clients. There’s an album sales email template specifically for January sales in the membership)
  2. Email future couples and offer them £100 off if they pay 50% of their balance now
  3. Create a last-minute winter wedding offer – add a free second shooter/album/engagement shoot/extra time/discount. Put the offer on your Instagram
  4. Post on instagram tagging all past couples and get them to comment with an engaged friend’s tag – and offer a prize of a free mini album to both of them if the friend books you. Reply to every comment asking them (nicely) to get in touch
  5. Run a Pic-Time (or whatever gallery you use) print campaign with a hefty discount (mark up prices a bit first and do the maths to make sure you don’t lose money!)

If I had some money:

  1. Run a Google ad for local weddings (we have a Google Ads walkthrough masterclass in the membership)
  2. Run an Instagram ad – test awareness vs conversion ads
  3. Book into wedding fairs. Choose vanilla ones you can stand out in!

If you need to run ideas past us, you can book in a Power Hour, where we hash out ideas, or join the membership and come and chat with us every Monday morning for a kick up the ass and some motivation and inspiration.


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