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This is us!

The Kick Ass Photographers community is a place to help you book kick-ass weddings, and get inspired to be the most badass photographer and business owner you can be. More importantly, it’s a place to make new friends and feel less alone when you’re self-employed – and get a kick up the ass when you want it!

  • Get personalised support plus courses and workshops to book more dream clients.
  • Get inspired to be a better photographer and love the craft.
  • Make new friends! (We have around 100 members from all over the UK, and some in Europe and the US, all fabulous lovely humans)

This is for you if…

  • You want a personality-filled brand that attracts your dream client like a magnet
  • You've been winging your business and would love to know if you're on the right track
  • You want to feel inspired to try new things with your business and work.
  • You want to give your business (and yourself!) a kick up the ass
  • You're a bit lonely and you want lovely colleagues to bounce ideas off and hang out with

What we’re all about:


The education stuff:

Bite-sized, easy to implement courses and masterclasses

Easy wins if you’re strapped for time

Monthly live workshops (with a huge library of replays)

The social stuff:

Weekly Zoom hangouts

Real life hangouts

A feed for posting questions and getting personalised support

A kick up the ass to do the things you really should do but don’t want to or are afraid to (yes this included paddleboarding recently – it’s not all about business!)


Who is behind Kick Ass Photographers?

I’m Anna Pumer – wedding photographer, web designer, industry speaker and photography mentor. I’ve shot almost 300 weddings over a decade, and have reviewed almost 400 websites of photographers. I’ve spoken at Snap (2022) and NineDots (2023) conferences among others.

My superpower? A strong brand full of personality – I’ve mastered the art of attracting my ideal client through just being my silly colourful dorky self!

I’m also a huge enabler – I’ll get you doing more fun things, getting work done that you don’t want to do (and enjoying it) and getting out your comfort zone and loving it.

Join as a member and hang out with me!

Here’s a peek behind the scenes

The membership is based in Mighty Networks which is a platform like Facebook with a news feed and a place for educational content to be easily found. Here’s a quick 60-second walkthrough the membership so you can see all the content you’ll get!

What you get

Courses (each course comprises several modules and lessons, diving deep into each topic)

A Website That Stands Out (our flagship course, worth £297)

Ghostbusters - Bag That Booking

Pricing Strategy

Plus templates for replying to enquiries and other workflow templates.

Feedback and reviews

Put your website, instagram, blog posts, portfolio etc forward and get valuable feedback and ideas.

Replay library

Instagram marketing with Natalie Watts

Corporate photography with Elyse Marks

Content marketing with Maddy Shine

Marketing strategy with Karen Webber

Lead magnets with Melissa Love

How to win awards with Alan Law of This is Reportage

Google Ads with Kaity Griffin and Tom Goosey

Album Sales with Nadine van Biljon

Beating Self-Doubt with Sophie Carefull

Q&A with our fabulous accountant, Erika

Health + Fitness Q&A

Street Photography with Matt Badenoch

Film Photography with Analogue Wonderland


Weekly tea breaks on a Monday morning for a natter over a cuppa, plus real life hangouts throughout the UK (from Alton Towers to a farmhouse in Devon to brunch in Brighton!)

Fab Community

Kick Ass members all share the same worries and anxieties, so it's a safe space to get support.

Exclusive Referrals

We've had loads of members make awesome bookings from our referrals!



lovely things members have said


Included for everyone:

  • Weekly Zoom hangs
  • Monthly workshops
  • Marketing courses to book your dream clients
  • Masterclasses
  • Critiques to keep you on top of your game
  • Supportive community
  • Exclusive referrals
  • Anna on hand to answer your questions in the feed

Monthly membership


Most popular

Annual membership


2 months free compared to monthly payments

Join here for free for the first 7 days


Why should I join?

If you want dream photography bookings, to get a kick up the ass with your marketing efforts and get in a more positive and motivated mindset, then the membership is designed to help you do just that, and more! Not only will I show you how to attract your dream clients, but we’ll also provide all the support and resources you need to succeed. Plus you'll have a fab gang to support you in everything you do - your new cheerleaders.

How does it compare to other memberships?

It's about booked clients you love and having a job you love, and being pushed to get out your comfort zone and do fun things.

It has a strong community spirit where you make new friends (not kidding, we've got several people who now have new best friends in the group!)

Is it all business stuff?

It's a bit of everything!

What if it's not for me?

If you join and find the membership isn’t for you then you can cancel easily any time! This membership is for anyone who is struggling to find their place in the photography education world, who doesn't feel comfortable with cliques and who believes that work should be fun, and life is for living.

There's periodically a free 7-day trial too, so it's a no-brainer to give it a shot!

Is it for beginners?

The membership covers all aspects of running a photography business, from marketing to mindset, and actual shoot day content too! Even if I haven't covered what you want to know, you can ask. So whether you've shot one job or 200, you'll find a lot of value in it.

I don't have much time

All the content is to the point, bite-sized and actionable. Plus you can always just use it as a place to ask questions when you need help. It's very dip-in-able!

I'm so poor I'm scraping mould off bread

Well first, don't do that!

Secondly, the membership provides so much value that will pay itself back times a gazzilion. One shoot deposit will cover the membership fee for years, and my goal is for you to get bookings, so it's totally worth it! So many members have been booking dream jobs from the content and changes to their business 🙂

Is it just for wedding photographers?

Not at all, all the lessons apply to all photographers.

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